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Saturday, June 13

A Tale of Wander: Gypsies Arrive!

We've been lucky enough to stumble upon a new and upcoming event group, Hidden Sanctuary Events. The behind-the-scenes crew are all old hands in SL, which holds the promise of some very interesting things to come. The group is currently hosting their first ever event, A Tale of Wanders: Gypsies Arrive. As the name implies, this is a lovely little fair filled with gypsy-themed creations designed to entice and delight.

There are about 20 or so stores taking part and we managed to get our hands on a few bits and bobs from the event to share here on the blog. I am looking forward to seeing more events coordinated by this group in the future. I also recommend taking a little walk through the event grounds while you are there. The pretty little caravans gathered around the center of the sim are where the store kiosks are located for the event, but the rest of the sim is worth a peek too; I found several quite lovely little areas along the water's edge, as well as the other stores located on the sim.

Event Info
Official Blog: Hidden Sanctuary Events
Dates of Event: June 13-27, 2015
Slurl to Event: Blood Isle

Happy Shopping!


Thursday, June 4

Heat Wave Cart Wash, pt. 2

Summer is almost here and its the perfect time to spruce up your wardrobe and summerize your SL living space. The Heat Wave Cart Sale is in full swing and has a little something for everyone. There are around 70 designers taking part, so you never know what you will find as you stroll the streets of the Wash and explore the various carts. Most items are priced at 10L and the designers have set out a few special items priced at 50L, so you can indulge in a little impulse shopping without breaking the bank.

The event is about halfway through - it ends on June 10th. If you haven't visited yet, now is the time. Hope to see you there!

List of designers/direct SLurls to their carts can be found HERE.